In a recent business website marketing survey, 60 percent of respondents cited increasing lead generation as the most important objective in the year ahead. The second most important objective cited was increase website traffic (50%), and the third was increase visitor engagement (42%). The remaining objectives cited were: Increase sales transactions (35%), increase brand awareness (32%), improve mobile optimization (18%), improve website personalization (11%), and improve customer service (9%).

Later in the same survey, respondents were asked; “What were the most important pages or processes optimized during the past year?” Virtually all of the responses to that question were centered around pages that primarily benefited the business, not the prospective customer.

It’s clear from this data that business website publishers have lost sight of a fundamental business principle:

“The customer always comes first.”

In the Dallas/Fort Worth brick and mortar world, most business owners still recognize the importance of treating their local customers and prospective customers like royalty. However, once the line into the virtual world is crossed, many business owners suddenly seem to place themselves at the center of the business universe. I suppose that’s because there is no personal, face-to-face contact in the virtual world. Whatever the reason, business owners who do this are positioning themselves for failure.

Back To Basics

The successful business is the one that creates and nurtures a relationship of trust with their prospective and existing customers, whether those customers are local or long distance. This has been true in the brick and mortar world for decades, and remains true in the cyber age. Just because you may be geographically removed from your customer doesn’t mean the relationship is any less important than your relationship with local customers. If anything, the volume and level of competition on the internet makes it even more important.

How can a business website publisher treat their customers like royalty? By giving them lots of interesting, relevant content. The good news is, you don’t have to sacrifice website optimization designed to bring visitors to your page in order to do that – quality content and website optimization can, and should, coexist.

The truly optimal web page is the one people find and read. When people find your site and consume all that great content, a relationship of trust will begin to grow. With that trust comes all the “you” centered activity that leads to new and repeat sales, and long term business success.

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