5 reasons your business should be using social media

There are over 3 billion active internet users and around 2 billion of those people have social media accounts. Is your business reaching these people through social media? If you aren’t, here are five reasons you should join the 21st Century and use social media for your business.

1- To Get Go Know Your Audience

In order to market your business, you need to know your audience. With social media, all of your clients’ demographics are right in front of you! Through Facebook Insights, you have access to everything from the gender to the interests of your social media audience. This information can help you create strong campaigns that are targeted very specifically to your audience.

2- To Save Money

All of the major social media accounts are completely free to join. The only expenses you will come across are management programs and ad spend. Social media has allowed businesses to increase brand awareness at little to no cost and that is a huge win for you! You can reach 1,000 people using social media for a fraction of the cost it would be using traditional marketing.

3- To Get Customer Feedback

Social media is a great way to get insight on what your clients are saying about your product or service. These comments and reviews give you instant access to positive or negative feedback from your clients. If you release a new product or offer a new service, it is a great idea to share it on social media so you can get immediate feedback about what your customers’ opinion is.

4- To Find New Customers

Social media is an excellent way to find new customers! Anytime one of your clients likes a post from your page, it will show up on the news feed of their friends. Your business page can also appear as a suggested page to like in people’s feeds. The key to finding new customers is to create and share content that is relevant to your ideal audience. If you continue to produce great content that your clients love, you will create a strong following that brings in lots of new customers.

5- To Keep Up With Competition

Everyone who is anyone is on social media. If you aren’t using social media, you are being left in the dust and losing potential clients. Social media is a great resource to research your competition and see how they are targeting their audience, what promotions they are offering, etc.

These five benefits barely scratch the surface of the impact social media can make on your business. The possibilities are endless and with social platforms evolving daily, new opportunities are arising constantly.  

Is your business active on social media?  If so, what platforms do you utilize and how have you seen it impact your company?