The Ardent team was recently completing a project with the deadline hours away. We were in constant contact with the client throughout the day working out last minute details. The clients asked me during one of the calls “Are you feeling the heat, the stress?” I chose my words carefully and told her “This is what we do and we love it.” I could hear the smile in the tone of her voice the rest of the day.

We call the last few hours leading up to a project deadline “crunch time.” Movies and television depict this time as stressful, moments of clarity and usually ending in corks popping with champagne flowing. There is some truth in that, but if what we did was easy everyone would do it.

I personally love crunch time. Give me the ball coach, I’ll get to the basket. This is the only attitude one can gave in our business. If you aren’t willing to take control of the game and make that winning basket you should be in the agency business.

Ardent wants the ball at the end of the game. We want the crowd watching us as that free throw drops through the net and the final buzzer goes off. We want to cut down that net and share it with the world.

Deadlines? Pffttt…. It is what we do best.