In the Ardent Creative office we like to create graphics for various events and holidays. I had my own ideas and we tasked a few designers to come up with some ideas of their own. It is amazing the difference between the designs.


I like Star Wars. Nothing more can be said about that. Vader rocks! I wanted something that used the contrast between Luke and Darth Vader. This is what Luiz and I came up with.

Like Fater Like Son. So Be a Good Father.




Courtney is new to Ardent and wanted to show a softer side of Father’s day. It was a nice use of flat art but we did not think it reflected the true nerdy-ness of Ardent.



Not Every Father is Perfect

Too far. There is not much more that I can say except that Luiz wanted to jump all the way over to the dark side. I did not feel that this was the best reflection of Ardent, but it still got a wow reaction out of everyone that we showed it to.

So how ever you decide to wish someone a Happy Father’s Day, just be sure it comes from the heart.