Logo Design, Development, and Branding

A company’s logo is the foundation of the brand upon which everything is built. It is the first point of reference and how customers will remember your company.

Texas Ortho Logo | Ardent Creative

Designing award-winning logos: it’s what we do.

Our team has developed hundreds of logos over the years — from simple wordmarks to complex logos and brand architectures. Our team excels at bringing to life our client’s brand vision.

There are many companies or freelancers who design logos. Few, however, go through the necessary process of building a brand identity. Knowing this, our team selects fonts, colors and logo applications not just for design value, but brand value. This is the best and right approach for any business launching into a market.

At Ardent, we have developed our process to provide an amazing product every client is ecstatic to share.

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Here is an example of our process:

  1. It all starts with a branding questionnaire.
  2. We then dive into research and market analysis.
  3. A kick-off meeting with an account manager and art director gets design rolling.
  4. Logo concepting and design of multiple logo families begins.
  5. An internal review with the team perfects our concepts.
  6. We present the options to you.
  7. With your feedback, we edit and develop the brand details.
  8. Final selections and a presentation complete our production.
  9. All assets are turned over to you (.ai, .eps, .jpg, .png)
  10. A brand guidelines document helps you learn how best to utilize your new brand features.
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Whether you work for a Fortune 500 company or are starting something new, our team has the process and team to build a killer brand.