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meet ardent’s newest account manager, jay

By August 18, 2017

Jay (a.k.a. J Dub, Slim Boogie, J. White, or Potnooka if you’re his grandma) grew up in Jackson, Mississippi before coming to the area to attend the University of North Texas. He found out about Ardent in a casual conversation with our Sales Director, Nick, and we’re glad he did. He’s a personable, patient, level-headed asset to our company as well as our clients.

When Jay’s not at work he enjoys spending time with friends, napping, and trying new restaurants, balancing the naps and food with time at the gym. He’s 6’6”, though, so it takes quite a bit of food to fuel him. Jay has yet to meet a bite he didn’t enjoy, but breakfast food tops the list of favorites.

Other fun facts about Jay:

  • He owns a LOT of sneakers (Our best estimate around the office is 40 pairs).
  • He’s a huge Kanye West fan.
  • He’s never seen a Harry Potter or Indiana Jones movie, but if Hollywood makes a movie about his life, he wants Jay Ellis to be cast as him.
  • He’d like to visit Japan and Banff National Park in Calgary some day.
  • His personal motto is, “Jesus is enough”.