Meet Riley

Sales Coordinator

Ardent is pleased to welcome Riley Gensheimer to the sales team. He’s a Fort Worth native who recently graduated with a degree in Communications from Colorado State University. After a brief stint in another, more monotonous job, Riley had lunch with Ardent’s sales director, Nick Calk.

This is where the story gets interesting. Riley knows Nick because Nick’s wife used to babysit him. They were neighbors. (I’m not allowed to comment on the age discrepancy.) Now Nick is Riley’s boss. *Cue dramatic musical score to emphasize the irony*

Riley enjoys people too much to be sitting at an isolated desk 40 hours a week. In his sales role, he’ll meet lots of people and help them determine how to take the next digital step with their business.

Some fun facts about Riley:

  • He can’t straighten either of his arms fully. They’re always slightly bent. He blames his bad golf game on this fact, even though he’s more than adept at driving the golf carts on Isla Mujeres (where that’s the only transportation on the island).
  • He likes to hike/walk with his dogs and girlfriend.
  • He watches The Office on repeat. (Honestly, it’s basic training for working at Ardent.)
  • Looking at his headshot, you would never guess that his hair was long enough in high school to earn him the nickname Sunshine (after the dude in Remember the Titans)…
  • …or that his beard is all it takes to make his parents question whether the Instagram image he posted is him or Charlie Hunnam.
  • Charlie Hunnam would be recruited to play Riley in a movie about his life (obviously).
  • Speaking of his parents, they deserve part of the credit for the fact that Riley’s working at Ardent. His mom wouldn’t let him join the Army or become a firefighter.
  • He’s a big fan of nachos… but don’t ask him to share. He’s got a thing about other people touching his food.

We’re excited to have Riley on the team and look forward to watching him make it rain as he builds relationships with clients.