Meet Taylor

Our resident Mr. Fix IT

You know that scene in Office Space where they beat up the printer in the field behind their office? We like to think maybe if Initech had a superior IT guy like Taylor, things wouldn’t have gotten so dire. At Ardent, Taylor plays peacekeeper between us and the technology that helps us do our jobs, (and for anyone who has exchanged tense words with a laser printer, you know how difficult that job can be).

Taylor Perkins is the kind of guy who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. Say you’re craving breakfast, but it’s 7 pm; he’d tell you to ignore society’s “rules” that breakfast must be consumed in the A.M. and fry that bacon with abandon! Or, say you’re carpooling together in soul-crushing rush hour traffic; Taylor would be happy to commiserate with you over the guy who just cut you off because he totally agrees that bad drivers are the worst.

Taylor just gets it — so we trust him with plenty of our day-to-day tech problems. That’s why he finds himself cycling through plenty of hats around here. (We would call him our “utility player”, but he doesn’t care much for sports analogies.) Instead, he’s the resident “WiFi warden”, “bug catcher (and fixer)”, “password pundit”, “developer extraordinaire”, and the “eternal keeper of the cords.”

We love having Taylor around because he’s always eager to help, ready to learn the next program or process to improve our workflow, and is a sharp guy who doesn’t take himself too seriously. Oh yeah, and that scene from Office Space? We like to think it’s really what inspired Taylor to become the crackerjack IT wiz he is today (the movie is, after all, his favorite).