Meet our new SEO Specialist, Tiffany!


Tiffany has been a Fort Worth local for over 20 years. After dreaming of being a Broadway performer, a teacher, or an accountant when growing up,  Tiffany graduated from Baylor with a degree in Social Work.

When she isn’t working, Tiffany enjoys reading, board games, and waterskiing. She has an ambitious bucket list that includes learning to surf, getting a pilot’s license, and traveling to Israel. We are completely confident she could accomplish every single one of those things!

When Tiffany wins the lottery, the first things she’d buy are a new vehicle, followed immediately by a boat. Surprisingly, she wouldn’t spend a dollar on seafood, because despite her love of all water sports, she can’t stand seafood.

We are so thrilled to have Tiffany join the team and we know her technical skills, adventurous spirit, and great outlook on life are going to make her the perfect addition to the Ardent family!