Meet Tina

Our new Designer

Tina is the newest graphic designer at Ardent. She was born and raised in Fort Worth. She found out about Ardent early in her undergraduate career after attending a couple of design events that introduced designers to creative directors at various agencies. They call it introductions; we call it recruiting great talent.

When asked what she likes to do when she’s not working, Tina replied, “I like to go outside, explore, and feel the sunshine! It’s nice to break away from the screen.”

She’s not kidding, either.

Her favorite trip thus far has been to the Rocky Mountains outside Denver, Colorado and the item at the top of her bucket list is to see the Aurora Borealis phenomenon. (That’s the Northern Lights for you laypeople.)

Even if she acquired the ability to teleport (and who wouldn’t want to have that ability?), she would include a hike in Yosemite in a day of world travel. That’s right. She would hike within the park rather than teleporting from place to place. That’s commitment to nature if we ever saw it.

The commitment even goes so far as to say that she prefers her food uncooked and in the form of sushi whenever possible. Okay, so maybe she didn’t phrase it quite that way. She said if she had to eat one meal for the rest of her life (and if eating that much seafood wouldn’t poison her), she would definitely choose sushi.

Tina is obsessed with Twenty One Pilots, strives to radiate love, and enjoys seeing designs come together like a puzzle. Get to know her and help us welcome her to the Ardent team.