Graphic Design Intern

Justin Coats

My good friend, Claire Zeeman, worked here at Ardent Creative last summer and she couldn’t stop telling me how much she loved it. Naturally, it got me intrigued and so I went to visit their booth at a company fair for the TCU design students. Anna and Polly were awesome, and we clicked immediately. I knew right then that this was where I wanted to work this summer.

When I came in for my interview it reaffirmed my wanting to work here this summer even more. Before I was even an intern here, they treated me like family right away. They showed me around the office and introduced me to everyone, and everyone stopped what they were doing to say “hi” and they didn’t blow me off at all.

After getting the job, I was so excited. On my first day, just like my interview, it was like a family and they welcomed me in right away. Whether that was Polly saying, “Good Morning!” in her friendly voice or all of us listening to good music singing along. It was comfortable from day 1 until the day I finished. There was never a dull moment in the office either. It’s all about having fun while getting your work done. Whether it was said out loud or not, having fun is one of the things that everyone in the office values and it wasn’t hard to pick up on. It is a place where learning, enjoying yourself and getting good work done all intersect and it has made for a great internship.

The summer before this one, I had an internship at a different company and they gave me real work right away. When I told people that, they told me that most companies don’t give real company work right away for their internships. This led me to expect that I wasn’t going to do real work right away here at Ardent. They, just like my last company, showed their trust in me right away and put me on real projects as much as they possibly could.

The coolest part about that is that they gave me projects in design areas where I have no experience in such as web and ad design. Even though I didn’t know exactly what to do, they didn’t just throw me in the water without teaching me how to swim. They were patient with me, teaching me how to do the things that I needed to learn and pushed me to be better in the spaces that I already knew a little bit. The help didn’t just come from my bosses either, every designer and employee in the office offered up their help if I needed it at any time.

Thank you Ardent Creative for living up to, and exceeding, all of the expectations that I had coming into this awesome internship.
Design Team


Graphic Design Intern

Catherine Babin

As a rising senior at TCU, an important goal for me was to obtain an internship to gain experience before jumping into the “real world.” As part of my internship search, I attended TCU’s Connext event, a networking event for students in graphic design. The event was similar to “speed dating” where students have ten minutes to present their portfolios to multiple advertising and design agencies from the DFW area. In my pre-networking research, I learned that Ardent Creative would be attending the event. I was impressed by Ardent’s website, social media, and their client portfolio. At Connext, I met two designers from Ardent: Anna and Polly. I loved getting the chance to speak with them, and I’m pretty sure we went over our ten minute time period!

Because Ardent stood out to me among other agencies, I applied for the summer design internship. After an interview at the office, I was excited to be selected.

My time at Ardent has made for a wonderful summer. From my first day at Ardent, I felt welcomed as a member of the team. I have enjoyed the tasks assigned and the opportunity for feedback in a real world situation. Along the way, I was able to learn new skills that are different from those I’ve learned in the classroom.

The Ardent team works hard but has a great camaraderie that makes the work fun. The team members do serious work, but do not take themselves seriously – at least not all the time. There were breaks for a hot sauce eating competition and to listen to the daily podcast, 2nd Date Update. Many creative agencies take pride in their culture, and Ardent definitely has a culture to boast about.

I know I will be able to take the skills I developed over the summer back for my senior year. My time spent at the “Creative Capital of Texas” has been invaluable and has been everything I could have asked for in an internship. Thank you, Ardent, for a great summer!  

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