An intern’s perspective on life in an agency.

Graphic Design Intern

Alyssa Chavez

Hi, my name is Alyssa Chavez. I am a senior Communication Design major at Texas Tech University. I am probably one of the biggest design dorks you will ever meet. I absolutely love what I am studying and find it always an adventure to dive into new projects. Ardent Creative has been the best adventure yet; I’ve learned, grown, been inspired and motivated everyday to continue to push myself to do better.

When you walk into Ardent’s office for the first time, be prepared to be greeted like family and everyday after that with the warmest smiles, even at 8:30 in the morning. The creative environment at Ardent is special. The designers work closely together, there is never any long periods of silence. The time is filled with laughter, conversations about loved ones, and ideating over projects. Plus nothing gets the creative juices flowing like a little bit of chocolate and there is always a bag to be found at Polly’s desk. At Ardent, I never felt like an intern because I quickly became one of the team. Every Monday morning, I joined in on a weekly meeting to discuss upcoming projects and current tasks, which gave me an inside perspective on how an agency runs.

One of the greatest lessons I learned at Ardent is that the environment you create, truly impacts the work you make. Working under the Director of Awesome (Paul Miller) and the incredible designers at Ardent pushed me to get outside my comfort zone, strive for bigger goals and dream greater dreams. Ardent taught me the importance of setting goals, which I did throughout the summer. As I achieved each one I grew in my confidence as a designer and learned the importance of setting short and long term objectives, which was truly rewarding.

What intimidated and excited me most going into this internship was expanding my knowledge of web. To this end, Ardent gave me the opportunity to grow and learn new skills. I had the pleasure of working with the copywriting intern, Claire Zeeman, on the task of creating a 10 Year Anniversary microsite for Ardent. It was a joy collaborating with her and I learned much from her on this project. It was an exciting challenge to accomplish together. We had the pleasure of interviewing Ardent’s founders, Brad and David. The genuine love for what they do everyday and the endless fun they have doing it really resonated with us. We wanted to bring this same life to the site through exciting illustrations and a fun storyline. Claire wrote amazing copy to tell their story, while I brought what I love most about design, illustration, and implemented it on WordPress, which was a new tool for me. I couldn’t imagine a more gratifying way of learning a new program. It was a thrill to watch our work come together while having Paul collaborate with us and guide us. This assignment was the most rewarding of all.

Ardent will always have a special place in my heart. I am forever grateful to the people at Cendera Funding; my first summer design internship, who introduced to me to Ardent Creative. I’m blessed to say that at Ardent I was given a chance to work on something new and different each day. I worked on a logo, hand-lettering challenges, had fun with watercolor for an advertisement, web design, and even got to design a goofy sasquatch t-shirt. After my internship at Ardent, I now know what I am looking for in an agency when I graduate. For anyone looking to find an incredible internship with down-to-earth people, Ardent is the place to be. Be ready to be humbled, be inspired and grow as I have, by a wonderful and rewarding experience.


Copywriter/Social Media Intern

Claire Zeeman

Internship. The one type of job all college students are expected to obtain at least once before they graduate. As a rising junior at Texas Christian University, I realized I couldn’t avoid it any longer; it was time for me to get this “I word” that everyone was always talking about.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t scared. Although internships should be seen as something fun and a way to gain experience working at a real company, I had heard way too many horror stories from peers about what an internship actually entailed. This included getting coffee and basically being everyone’s servant!

Being a communication major, I knew I wanted an internship that entailed writing of some sort or anything that involved “speaking.” However, I have always been creative and always had a dream of working for some type of creative agency. Because of this, I went out on a whim and applied for an internship at Ardent Creative. I’m not sure if it was my charm or the one hundred dollar bill I handed to my interviewer (just kidding) that got me the job, but on June 1st I became the social media/copywriting intern and I was ecstatic.

As I said before, I had some pretty pessimistic views on what an internship job actually looked like, but all of these rumors I heard about internships were immediately proven false when I walked into Ardent Creative. Right off the bat, I was asked to fill out a questionnaire on what I wanted to take away from this job, what my expectations were, and some other fun questions I had to answer about myself. I couldn’t believe it. They cared; they wanted to get to know me, and they valued me as an intern. And it didn’t stop there. They were actually assigning me real jobs to complete for them that didn’t make me feel like I worked at Starbucks.

During my internship, I was in charge of creating an Instagram account for Ardent Creative as well as improving their Facebook page. Although it was challenging at times, I thoroughly enjoyed researching and learning all about the best tactics to use for social media and even was able to write a blog post about it.

Aside from creating posts for them on both Instagram and Facebook, I also was assigned the task of coming up with the copy for their new 10 year anniversary website while working side-by-side with the graphic design intern to come up with the design of the website. It was so fulfilling to see the page finally finished after we put so much work into it.

Throughout this internship, I pushed to become more creative, improve my grammatical and writing skills, learn about graphic design, and ended up making some friends along the way. Ardent Creative believes in creating a culture that revolves around making you feel part of the family and they did just that.

Ardent Creative, thank you for proving the rumors wrong and for making me excited about my future!


The Ardent 10-Year Site will be launched soon!