Meet our new developer, Tony!


Anthony Wong


University of Texas at Arlington

Favorite thing about development:

I love being able to solve problems. I look at everything as a puzzle. Trying out different things to get something to work and being able to find the solution makes me feel accomplished.


I’ve always wanted to be able to fly. It would be so much easier to go places without having to drive. Also, I would like to travel to space to see if any other life forms exists. 😀

When I’m not developing:

I’m usually playing videos games, watching movies, or trying to learn new things from udemy. I also like working on my car and trying to change things up and make it look different.

What are you most looking forward to in this position:

I want to learn more about development and be able to solve problems as fast as possible. I’m looking forward to overcoming the challenges that will come up, while working on projects.