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Pay for results with pay-per-click (PPC).

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Whether Google Ads or LinkedIn ads, we help our clients reach their audience on the platforms that are most effective for them.

Our PPC services cover the following platforms:

  • Google Ads (both search and display ads)
  • Google Shopping
  • YouTube Advertising
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Linkedin Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Remarketing/Retargeting (across search engines and social platforms)

The Benefits of PPC with Ardent Creative
There are many agencies who offer PPC services, but there are several reasons many of our clients choose to work with us:

  • Regular, Detailed Reporting
    We won’t confuse you with needless jargon. Our reports come with a monthly check-in so you can ask questions and receive clarification. We can tailor each report to show the metrics your brand cares about (and nothing else if you want).
  • Integrated Efforts
    PPC supports the overall efforts of our digital marketing team. Our PPC strategy always aims to be integrated with the larger overall digital marketing strategy to provide better results.
  • No Long-Term Contracts
    Contracts are month-to-month, so you never feel tied down to anything. We want to keep you around because of our great work — not a frustrating contract.
  • Tailored Service
    We manage campaigns on a daily and/or weekly basis ourselves — no outsourcing here. We can keep a close watch on key metrics and adjust quickly when needed.
  • Dedicated Account Manager
    You’ll work with a dedicated point of contact, who is available for questions whenever needed. You’ll never have to worry about not getting through, or finding the right person to speak to — we’ll handle that for you.
  • Straightforward Pricing
    Typically, we charge a one-time account setup fee which varies depending on your brand and its goals. Each month after, you’ll pay a management fee as a percentage of your ad spend.

What’s included in the monthly management fee

  • Bid management
  • Ad placement or targeting adjustments
  • Geo-targeting adjustments
  • Keyword management
  • Ad copy editing and testing
  • Landing page performance analysis
  • Routine calls/meetings for updates
  • Monthly campaign performance reports

Have questions?

What to Expect with PPC

For new clients, we take our time to learn about your brand and its business goals, before jumping in. This helps us find you better results that align with your vision of success.

Kickoff Discussion
We’ll talk about your marketing goals, your products/services, and past experiences with digital marketing.

Audit of Current Account / Keyword Search
For clients with existing PPC campaigns, we’ll review your account and look for things to continue, and things to change, in order to improve upon your past PPC results. We’ll also dive into what keywords are optimal for your campaign needs, drafting a list for your approval.

Set Up the Account (or Restructure)
Here’s where a bulk of the initial work will go, allowing us to create the parameters for the entire campaign. This includes:

  • Setting up the campaign
  • Establish Ad Groups
  • Ad copy and testing
  • Match type, bids, and extensions setup
  • Call tracking creation
  • Ad design (for any display or remarketing ads)
  • Negative keywords setup
  • Audience setup

Building a Landing Page

The ads are the first part of the PPC strategy. To truly succeed in capturing a lead, the ads need to drive users to a web page that will convert them. Sometimes, we can direct traffic directly to an existing webpage in your site, and other times we must create a unique page to ensure high engagement. Our team creates the landing page for you, using content marketing best practices.

Monthly Calls and Reporting

Once the campaign is up and running, maintenance occurs monthly. We want to keep an open line of communication about the status and success of your PPC campaign. That’s why we schedule monthly check-in meetings to go over your monthly report with you in detail.
Ready to get started?
If you need help creating and managing a pay-per-click ad campaign for your brand, choose Ardent Creative for a more personalized experience with a local PPC team.