When it comes to branding your company, your logo is a central part of the effort. One of the smartest reasons to hire an advertising agency is to assist your business in designing or perfecting your logo. A logo is the visual representation of everything your company stands for and a key identifier for clients, employees and the general public. While good products or service matters, how you present your company in logo form instantly communicates how professional and experienced you are. Why would a potential client assume you’d handle their business with care when you can’t even be bothered to design a stellar logo?

Here are 8 commandments of good logo design to consider when working on your logo:

  1. What are you trying to say and to whom? For a logo to function effectively, it must say something about what unique benefit your company provides its users. What is your company’s competitive advantage? Speed, authentic craftsmanship, elegance, innovation, power, efficiency, reach, intelligence? Always consider your audience. Is a point of pride or a funny mascot a good choice for a logo? Probably not, as neither show a customer the solutions your company offers.
  2. Keep it simple & memorable– Simplicity is impactful and the best logos are clean and functional, with just a few strong elements so that details will not be lost in reproduction. Viewers will only give your logo a brief glance, so don’t get locked into a design that’s overly fussy or complicated.
  3. Take a look at your industry– Do a search of your competitors’ logos and take notes. Often you’ll find similar patterns and colors because they communicate what clients are looking for, but take into account how you want to differentiate yourself from your competition.
  4. Go modern, not trendy– Make your logo modern so that it looks up-to-date and today, but don’t go so far with trendy components that your logo will look dated in just a few years. Modern elements tend to be stylized and restrained.
  5. Proportion is key– The best logos use proportionate values and symmetry to create a well-balanced, aesthetic graphic.
  6. Consider typeface– Your logo’s graphic and fonts should work together, not compete against each other. If your graphic is bold and playful, don’t combine it with a typeface that’s spare and elegant- you’ll be sending conflicting messages about what makes your company special. The two elements really are one.
  7. Just say no to clip art– It may be tempting to use clip art, but it can be copied way too easily and projects an amateur image. It’s worth paying for original art that impresses customers and makes your company stand out.
  8. Make it versatile– Your company logo will be used in a variety of sizes and in multiple contexts. Make sure your logo looks just as good on a business card as it does on your website, the side of a truck, a t-shirt or a banner advertisement. Have your designer mock-up your logo both black and white and color, horizontally and vertically, and in a variety of sizes.

Follow these basic design principles and always keep your customers and the nature of your business in mind. A good logo can speak volumes about what your company is and what it hopes to be! Contact us to see what we can do for you and get a free estimate.