what we did.

We take birthdays seriously around here, especially when Ardent reaches double digits.

With the Ardent 10 Year, we wanted to do something that we’ve all been dying to try, cut paper. That is exactly how the 10 Year Building illustrations came to be!  We wanted to show how Ardent Creative is an essential part of Fort Worth, which is why we weaved our logo into the cut paper illustration.



The slogan “Creative Capital of Texas” was our way of marking that we are the place to get creative work done in Texas. The slogan also has a screen print quality to it, which was perfect for our graphic tshirts!


website design.

The website was created with illustrations that mimicked the cut paper illustration. It was a fun way to show the history of Ardent and how far we’ve come in 10 years.

See the Website

swag bag

(branded mug, t-shirt, stickers, notepad)

We created a swag bag because we want others to show off how awesome Ardent is.  We wanted people to be able to have goodies with our slogan, logo, and illustration on them wherever they go. We wanted our name to be out there in a fun way and on a shirt that people would actually want to wear.

ready to get started?

We love to work with teams that are excited about their brand and ready to step up their game.