ASI is a one-stop office technology provider that also offers an array of software solutions and IT Services. The company sets itself apart with their culture and people, who add unparalleled value to every business transaction and customer interaction.



Ardent was tasked with refreshing the ASI brand.  We simplified and streamlined the logo by removing the multiple horizontal lines, which referenced old printing technology. We also updated the tagline to “People Driven Technology,” which better represents the culture of the company and what they do than the previous, generic tagline “Business Solutions.”




website design.

The main goal of the responsive website was to showcase ASI’s services in an innovative and visual way, focusing on the distinct culture and personal touch ASI provides to its customers. This was accomplished through the creation of illustrations and a color-coded system for defining their four main services. Each page was carefully designed to walk a customer through the service and continues utilizing illustrations to define the steps within a specified service. Calls to action and ASI’s contact information are prominently displayed throughout the site to make connecting with customers easy.

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Ads, flyers, and stationary were created to reinforce the refreshed brand utilizing the new look and feel, color palette and illustrated icons.

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