the bison coolers


Bison Coolers came to us with a need for a new and consistent brand presence, having recently changed the name of their company. The family-owned business functioned with an all-hands-on-deck approach, which ultimately resulted in disjointed web and collateral copy, as well as inconsistent imagery. Bison also wanted to distinguish themselves from other cooler companies by developing a brand that would stand out from competitors and speak to a wide variety of target audiences.

the ardent creative


The first step in creating a uniform brand for Bison was performing a comprehensive branding audit to help establish a consistent voice and messaging across platforms. After the audit, we created a brand guide for Bison to share with staff, partners, and influencers to lay out guidelines for achieving brand consistency across channels and verticals. Today, our team continues working to increase brand awareness and loyalty through the planning, creation, and execution of social media and email campaigns.

branding audit

bison coolers.

When conducting branding audits, we interview clients to reach a better understanding of their brand’s personality, its distinguishing factors, the company’s goals, and the desired target audience. After running an audit for Bison, the process revealed that the company had a strong desire to avoid blending in with the crowd. They also wanted to ensure they wouldn’t be known only as a hunting and fishing brand but, instead, as a brand that appealed to a wide variety of “Weekend Warriors.” They also wanted a voice that communicated quality, cost-effectiveness, and relatability.


website design updates

Bison came to us with an already-established website. We helped bring their brand to life by adding consistent and creative product sliders, blog articles, photography, and graphics.

digital marketing

social assets.

With the help of lifestyle photography, vibrant colors, and bold graphics, we create engaging social ads, posts, animated gifs, and develop a strategic social calendar to help establish Bison Coolers as a lifestyle brand.

digital marketing

emails & blogs.

Bison wanted to build brand loyalty and improve SEO on their website. We write and design several ongoing email campaigns each month to help the Bison achieve their internal sales goals across multiple verticles. Email contests have increased social media engagement, while blog posts communicate the thought leadership Bison’s potential customers are seeking.


product photography.

Bison trusts us to help provide lifestyle images and product photography for use across their many platforms.


product catalog.

Bison asked us to build out a new catalog for their 2019 product lineup. With many new products being introduced and a growing customer base it was important to have a catalog that showcased their new products and services clearly while maximizing Bison’s brand story.


flyers & ads.

To maintain brand consistency, we also write and design any form of print advertisement Bison requires. From flyers and product catalogs to trade show booths and banners, we create show-stopping pieces to help Bison showcase their brand and reach a larger audience.

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