Crossfit across the world is growing leaps and bounds. Crossfit DFW came to us looking for help with a new website. During the strategic planning process, we updated their brand and other materials to create uniformity across their various forms of advertising.

strategy & branding.

As boxes (Crossfit term for gym) pop up across the world, we wanted to make sure Crossfit DFW stood out from the other boxes in their area. The initial strategy started with the user interface and evolved into updating an old brand. We took a two-generations-old logo, cleaned it up, and put more emphasis on DFW, which is the brand separator needed to make sure the viewers knew who they were. If the customer can’t recognize you, then the brand needs to be updated!


development & seo

Of course we created a great site with functionality geared toward Crossfit DFW’s current and potential members. That being said, creating a website without a SEO plan can greatly hinder the growth of any business. We work with Crossfit on an ongoing basis to keep them relevant and ranked high in the search engines.

We have various SEO plans available to our customers.

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t-shirt design

We have designed several t-shirts for CFDFW. Most have been theme related, based on specific competitions. Our most favorite is the Big Ass Fan, a shirt designed to help the gym fundraise for the installation of a huge fan in the ceiling. Yes, that is the fan manufacturer’s name.

create, it’s what we do. let us help!

We love to work with teams that are excited about their brand and ready to step up their game.