FreeFlight Systems designs, manufactures and supports avionics systems that improve the safety, efficiency and affordability of flying. They specialize in technologies and solutions that bring the benefits of the NextGen airspace transformation to all segments of aviation.



Along with the site, Ardent created the new branding. We introduced a new color to the palette and created a new mark specifically for the Rangr product line. This new mark added energy to the brand while maintaining its relationship with the parent company, FreeFlight.


website design.

FreeFlight came to us with a need to rebuild their Rangr brand and web presence from the ground up. They needed to make the site easier to navigate and establish the Rangr box as its own product line … and they needed it fast.

Ardent stepped up to the plate and got to work right away. After researching the industry and learning about their current brand, we began the site planning process to create a user experience that was clear and straight to the point.

The site has a unique dealer feature that compiles all of their partner dealers in user-friendly way to connect potential customers with a dealer that can do the product install.

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