Jeff McGovern is nationally recognized in the pest control industry.  Jeff, sometimes referred to as the “Pest Coach” for his abundant knowledge of pests, is known for his practical, down to earth style; Jeff’s engaging and humorous personality enable him to connect with his audience immediately and deliver content that they can utilize immediately in their daily working environment. His “12 Key Factors” program is currently in use by professional pest control operators and clients around the world.  Jeff’s mission continues to drive change in the pest control industry. 



Once you meet Jeff, you immediately get a sense of his warm humor, great passion and extensive knowledge for all things pest control. We wanted his brand to exude his fun personality, while maintaining a professional, trustworthy look and feel. For this reason, we created a logo symbol forming a J and M in a bug shape, as well as an illustration of his face with a sweatband, playing off of the “coach” aspect. We knew we had nailed it when his wife said, “That looks just like you!”


print collateral.

Jeff needed a one sheeter and updated business cards to hand out to PMPs (Pest Management Professionals) during his recertification classes and speaking engagements around the country. We decided to keep both simple and clean, reflective of the brand.


website design.

The website’s goals were clear from the start: allow Jeff a space for blogging his daily pest control findings and a space for people to find out about his speaking engagements. We kept these calls to action clearly marked throughout the site. Jeff is successfully updating his site on his own and finds WordPress easy-to-use!

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