Samsung Networks wanted to be branded as an independent entity while remaining true to the engineering and name-recognition of their parent brand. In the process, they also wanted consistent tone and messaging across all platforms and in all communications. Certain elements of the brand, like the logo, couldn’t be touched because of Samsung Networks’ relationship with the parent company.


After immersing ourselves in the culture of the Samsung Networks brand during a three-day branding audit, Ardent Creative presented the discoveries, developments, and conclusions of the audit in a Samsung Networks branding guide. The branding guide included a company overview, the brand promise, identification of specific verticals, and the brand story and tone Samsung Networks messaging would carry moving forward.


samsung networks.


In addition to helping Samsung Networks discover a versatile tagline and specific messaging goals for each identified vertical, Ardent Creative presented a very clear contrast of what the brand tone would and would not be so future messaging could remain consistent. We also uncovered certain language standards that needed to be communicated to the entire organization for the sake of uniformity.

design elements

Each design element birthed from the branding audit represents a metaphor Ardent Creative feels communicates the Samsung Networks brand best.

albino siberian tiger

The tiger indicates a fierceness and majesty while also tipping a hat to the heritage of the Samsung parent company. We chose an Albino Tiger to keep with the color palette of the brand. Blue eyes mirror blue dots on Samsung Networks access points.


The double helix is a strand of DNA in which proteins connect to create the genetic structure of a person. Because Samsung Networks focuses on connecting people and devices, the reference is a perfect representation. Samsung Helix will potentially be the branding for a new product line.


website design.

Samsung Networks needed their website to have a more user friendly layout; a cleaner, more modern look; and better storytelling to elevate the brand.


Each Samsung Networks vertical icon is surrounded by a linear shape that points back to the networks the company creates. The icons and the shape layer together to provide a cohesive visual representation of the brand.


email and social ads.

To maintain cohesiveness across all platforms, the Ardent team redesigned Samsung Networks’ assets so they would have the same clean look as the new website.

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