Wise Loan came to us in need of a brand to set them apart from their competitors in the loan industry. This was accomplished by taking the iconic symbol of an owl and giving it a fresh, modern twist. The hidden “w” within the owl’s feathers keeps the mark original and reinforces the brand. The blue and gray color scheme signifies trust and approachability, which is exactly what Wise Loan was after.


website design.

The goal for the site was to easily lead the user through Wise Loan’s lending policies and application processes in a simple, easy-to-digest format. Through the use of big bold typography, iconography and color scheme, Wise Loan’s straight-forward vision was accomplished!

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print collateral.

The goal with the print collateral was to continue the look and feel defined throughout the logo creation process. The clean white space and bright pops of color, along with clearly laid out text, continues reinforcing the brand and expanding Wise Loan’s reach.

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