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the ultimate guide to B2B lead generation [infographic library]

By August 4, 2017

Marketing to businesses is a completely different beast than marketing to individuals, even though businesses are made up of individuals. Something about being at work changes the way people research solutions and make decisions, as though the people who sign our paychecks might have something to say about it. To effectively engage in B2B lead generation, you need to understand these nuances. The following lead generation tactics have proven themselves to work with businesses. Volumes have been written about each. Out of respect for your time, we’ve collected infographics that present vital information in a bite-sized format.

Connect with Email Marketing
Email offers the chance to prove your value to potential target audiences by sharing timely information. Make the emails brief, personable, beneficial to the reader, and with a clear call to action, telling the reader the next step they should take. If you automate emails, be sure to create an email for each step of the buyer journey.

email marketing for the buyer journey

Source: Brainrider


Exhibit at Trade Shows
Trade shows and conferences are ripe for B2B lead generation, provided you choose events that appeal to your target audience. Participants actually want to be there. When they stop by your (well-designed and aesthetically pleasing) booth, they’re looking for what you have to offer. Maximize the opportunities there by listening well and following up after the show.


Make Your Company Website a Lead Generation Tool
Your website is often your company’s first impression. It’s the blend of a digital business card and a CV. It may also serve as a lead qualifier, a point of sale system, a means of communication, and an educational platform. Are you using your website to its full capacity?

website do's and don'ts



Don’t Forget SEO
Search engine optimization (SEO) is the means of getting organic traffic to your well-designed website. When your potential customers ask Google a question, you want your company website to provide the answer and show up on the first page of search results. That’s the goal of SEO. However, SEO only serves you well when your website is easy to navigate.


Encourage Marketing and Sales Teams to Collaborate Instead of Competing
A company is most successful when its sales and marketing teams work together instead of competing against each other. The best way to keep everyone on the same team and working toward the same end goal is to ensure communication between the teams is consistent and clear.


Establish a LinkedIn Presence
Lead generation is about meeting your target market where they are. Business leaders are on LinkedIn. It’s not just a job searching network any more. Use groups and articles to present yourself as a thought leader in the industry, as a problem-solver for your target audience.

LinkedIn marketing

Source: LinkedIn


Create a Podcast
Whether on the commute to and from work or on their evening run, people are listening to podcasts. Become top of mind by creating a podcast that tackles the issues your target market faces. Use the podcast as an opportunity to develop relationships with your ideal clients by asking to interview them on your podcast. Be sure to include contact information within the podcast so listeners can connect with you.


Face-To-Face Networking
Sometimes the traditional, tried and true methods are still effective. Networking with real people is still a valuable means of lead generation. You can’t go into a networking meeting with selfish motives from the start or people will avoid you like the plague. The folks at Duct Tape Marketing clarified this technique well by saying it this way: “Look at [network] as a tool for connecting others rather than getting connected.” It will all work itself out, and people will trust you as a go-to resource.

networking as lead generation

Source: Forbes


None of these methods are sufficient in and of themselves. The best means of generating B2B leads is to use a multifaceted approach. Look back over the list to determine which of these techniques is your weakest link and start making changes there first.