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branding | logos | print and digital imagery

images drive our culture.

If you doubt the truth of that statement, we would point you to the tendency for people with smartphones to check the new emojis after any given update. Also, check your text messages for emojis, social media for pictures, and all of the icons on practically everything. Graphic design is vital to doing business in the digital age.

Really, to be perfectly honest, you can’t do marketing or advertising without design (and our designers are not pressuring us to say that). Whether it’s the typeface on a billboard, the icon on a call to action button, the feature image on a social media post, or the layout of a brochure, rest assured a designer had something to do with it coming into existence. (Well, if it looks good they did. If it doesn’t, someone should’ve called us. We could have saved them the embarrassment.)

In the 21st century, you need graphic design that stops traffic, whether it’s street traffic stopping to take notice of a billboard or web traffic stopping to click an image that leads them to your well-designed website. It’s an image-driven culture. You need a team of artistic liaisons to help communicate your brand.

We are that team.

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