get to know us

we’re pretty awesome!

get to know us

we’re pretty awesome!

Ardent Creative is a graphic and web design firm with a knack for digital marketing. Our entrepreneurial tendencies marinate in creative juices and relatability to yield remarkable results for your business.

When you hire Ardent, you’re beginning what we hope will be a long-term business relationship.

our team.

This is the talented group of people who make Ardent Creative the beacon of awesomeness that it is.

it’s not what we do,

it’s who we are.

Ardent Creative saves the world from bad design, one project at a time. Our inventive, practical and big-idea shop focuses 100 percent on each project. We believe all our clients, large or small, should receive the same level of attention as Fortune 500 companies. We build relationships around the success of our clients and thrive on referrals from the great work we do. Ardent Creative will persist in raising the bar for itself and in rescuing clients from bad design.

our process.

At Ardent we believe that the process is as important as the product.





our clients

We are proud of our great clients.
We’re honored to work with each one.

Like a productive family, healthy client relationships are a founding principal of our company. We include you as a part of our team, because we see our work as an extension of your business.

You’re Part of Our Team

our core values,

not just catchy phrases.

It’s who we are, what we do
and how we do it.


Loving What We Do


Connecting Strengths to Build Success


Trust Is Who We Are

let’s talk culture.

let’s talk culture.

our culture

Our company culture is anything but boring.

Every year around Christmas we do an ad campaign that puts everyone in the company on an even playing field. We’ve done everything from creating movie trailers to posing in ugly Christmas sweaters and filming cringe-worthy music videos. The past two years we’ve also competed together in the Savage Race as a bonding experience we can laugh about for years to come. It’s not mandatory, but we reimburse anyone who signs up and competes. It’s good exercise and gives us a common experience outside of the office.

our culture

We celebrate everything.

Birthdays, work anniversaries, holidays, or even it just being Friday. We believe in parties and having a good time. It isn’t surprising to find us competing in Ardent Family Feud, lunch time trivia games, hot sauce eating challenges or huddling around the couch eating fruit when Nika’s mom orders us a fruit basket (best day ever). Take a look for yourself below at our photos. We genuinely love what we do, and enjoy being around each other, which shows in our work. Work to live, don’t live to work.

want to know what we are thinking.