Tradeshow Booth Design and Strategy

Make a lasting first impression with tradeshow strategy and booth design.

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A tradeshow is about more than meeting potential customers; a strategic pre- and post- tradeshow strategy is critical to drive sales.

Here are a few examples of how we can help improve your ROI from your next industry event:

Pre-Tradeshow Marketing Strategy

  • Custom email or targeted advertising to the customer list
  • Design and execute special giveaways for visitors and prospects
  • Geo-targeted ads at venue and surrounding locations

Post-Show Marketing Strategy

  • Lead follow-up with memorable promotional item or coupon
  • Custom email drip campaign
  • Retargeted digital ad campaign to all leads

Increasing Leads
Our team will review the floor plan and placement of the booth. Knowing where traffic is coming from and where your competitors are located are key in how to design the booth. Thinking through traffic flow and distance of viewers will guide the team as they begin to design assets for the booth. Strategic planning is also important for how you will attract customers to the booth and capture them as prospects.

Once the initial brand is established the team will work through how prospects will move through the booth and create a design that reflects your brand while following strategic guidelines to ensure traffic success. Proper strategic planning and design will create longevity to the booth for the years to come.

On top of the booth design, you need to be thinking about how to attract prospects into the booth. This includes integrating flatscreens, with looping video or advertising as well as promotions within the booth. From contests to giveaways, we have seen all kinds of promotions utilized to attract prospects. Our team is ready to offer creative insight into ways to attract more customers into the booth.

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Supporting the Sale

Once a prospect is in the booth, you also need to ensure your team can capture their information for immediate follow up. Using tools like iPads or tablets is an easy means to capture leads into a database quickly and effectively. Our team can create a custom form to easily (and quickly) capture a prospect into your system.
Tradeshow booth design and strategy services include:

  • Digital and print graphic design
  • Messaging and copywriting services
  • Giveaway or promotional assets
  • Geo-targeted digital advertising
  • Pre- and post-show communication
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