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We’ve all clicked on a promoted post on Instagram, or a banner Inbound marketing attracts people to your brand intuitively, by offering them valuable content and experiences customized to them.

Rather than intrusive ads, inbound marketing goes directly to those who will be interested in your brand, solving problems they’re already looking to solve.

What is inbound marketing?
Hubspot describes inbound marketing like a Flywheel with three important parts:

valuable content draws people in, establishing you as an expert with whom they want to engage with and learn more from.
This is where content marketing plays a critical role. Blog posts, e-newsletters, or promoted social media posts can all be a form of attracting potential customers through relevant, interesting content.

insights and solutions meet their specific pain points, increasing the likelihood of them buying from you.
One attracted, following up through automated email campaigns, sales calls, or other personalized touch points ensures the customer feels seen and valued. It also makes the sale as seamless as possible.

ongoing support and service impresses your customers and keeps them coming back.
Maintaining the positive first impression (through ongoing valuable content, unique touch points, and reliable service) can keep customers loyal to your brand.

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What’s Included in Inbound Marketing

Ardent Creative, as an inbound marketing agency, can help you create an inbound marketing strategy that improves not just the quality, but the quantity of your leads.

Here’s why: by approaching digital marketing practices holistically (rather than individually) you can exponentially improve your results. When you approach the web like you do traditional outbound marketing, you get the same high volume low conversion results.

Local inbound marketing services bring all of our digital marketing services together under one, neat roof. They include:

  • Content marketing
  • Keyword research
  • SEO
  • Social media marketing strategy and management
  • PPC (Pay-Per-Click)
  • Link building
  • Email marketing
  • And more
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