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User Experience

User experience analysis provides a clear understanding of how visitors navigate through a website, software application, or landing page. Great UI/UX begins with the end in mind. This includes using various tools, like heat mapping, to see how users are utilizing the information presented. Are they scrolling, clicking, or simply bouncing from your website immediately?

Diving into user behavior is pivotal for our designers. It helps us create sites that resonate with as many customers as possible. Our designers will work with the analytics team to create pages designed to increase visitor session duration, click-through rates, and lead conversion.

Our UI/UX Tools and Resources

Utilizing current tools like heat mapping, scrolling trackers, and other UX analytic tools, our team measures how a user interacts with the website. Heat mapping is a tool which tracks the mouse on a page and shows how people are navigating a page. Heat map testing and review is crucial in building out strategies to maximize conversions. Other tactics include:

  • A/B Testing (Email & Web)
  • Heat mapping
  • UX/UI Best Practices
  • Google Analytics
  • Hubspot and other software applications
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Mobile-Responsive Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Video Production and Animation

When the data reveals how long a user stays on a page and how many users are leaving it quickly (i.e., “bouncing”), we can see if your content and design is successfully relevant to the users hitting the specific page.

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Using Data to Inform Design

Once the data is outlined, our teams can begin enhancing the website to achieve greater success. Enhancements to ensure users stay on the site longer, interact with the content, and drive them to a conversion or sale.

Building a new website without data behind it is all beauty and no brains. With a team of UX experts, Ardent can create an awesome user experience for brands of any size.

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Turn leads into conversion, grow your SEO and engagement through a strong user experience. Then continue to build and make adjustments based on how users engage with your information. Being able to track and convert leads ultimately leads to sales. Let us help you today!