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War Room Process

The Ardent Creative War Room: A Time Squeeze Strategy for Faster Web Development

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We build websites in days, not months, thanks to our concentrated, in-person approach. Our War Room allows us to deliver results faster while involving your team in critical web-building decisions.

A Face-to-Face Approach to Building Your New Website

Miscommunication. Back-and-forth emails. Lengthy approval times. Instead of accepting these frustrations as part of our web-building process, we created a better process (for us and you). Our strategy not only improves communication and your overall satisfaction, but helps us complete projects faster while developing a deeper understanding of your brand.

What to Expect

Before we get started, we’ll work with you to determine:
  • Strategy and goals
  • Sitemap and SEO strategy
  • Content planning and review
  • Design “mood board”
  • Each of these steps set the stage for the War Room, giving us the starting point we need to bring your site to life.

Once these initial steps are completed, we enter the face-to-face War Room process. We’ve found it most efficient to have you be in the room with our team while we determine the look and feel of your website. And when questions arise, our War Room offers a collaborative environment for brainstorming solutions in real-time. Our goal is for the design and implementation of the site to be 95% completed at the end of the War Room day(s), leaving only minor edits, finalization of responsive execution, and quality assurance checks before your site is ready for launch.

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Be Involved with Creating Your Next Website

Don’t hand over the keys to someone else. We want you to be involved every step of the way.

Learn how Ardent Creative’s “War Room” process has changed how we approach custom web, branding, and design projects.

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