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Today, content strategy is the cornerstone of digital marketing.

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Working with a content marketing agency, or an agency that understands the importance of well-written content, is one of the best ways you can improve your digital marketing efforts.

Examples of Content Marketing

Blog posts
Blogs are one of the best ways to add robust content to your website. Blog topics focused on critical keywords can improve your organic search rankings and provide the long-form subject for engaging social media updates.

Landing pages
A landing page can be a great way to funnel certain traffic to discover a specific topic or service. Rich content that provides the solution they are searching for translates to a greater number of interested leads.

The more specific your web content can be, the better. Breaking out your services, projects, products, or more into separate webpages helps Google direct more qualified leads to your specific service or product they are looking for.

Social media assets such as posts, video, photography, and more
Social media videos, posts, or photos can contribute to your brands overall content marketing strategy. Each individual piece of your strategy works better when aligned with one common purpose.

E-books and whitepapers
You are the expert in your field, and long, research-based content is a great way to showcase that. Placing e-books or whitepapers behind a lead capture form helps you collect high-qualified leads who are already receiving valuable information from your brand.

E-newsletters and other email campaigns
Email is a long-standing, and still very successful way, to digitally connect with your audience. Regular subscription emails can provide routine touchpoints with your customers, improving brand loyalty with time.

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The Benefit of Content Strategy and Copywriting With Ardent

At Ardent, we make it our mission to understand your brand and industry from the inside-out so that we can write about it at an expert level. Our in-house, local copywriting services mean you’ll receive professionally written, original content that sounds and feels naturally like your brand.

If you are looking to publish search engine optimized content, and answer common questions your audience has, our copywriting services can help. We’ll bring personality and expertise to your brand through experienced content strategy.

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