In case you missed all the hubbub about Ardent moving, you should know: we’ve moved. Stop by to see the new digs. Until then, here’s our version of the before and after reveal from our old office to the new. 

Before: The Design and Digital Marketing teams were in separate rooms down the hall from each other, only crossing paths in search of chocolate or while waiting in line for the restroom.
After: The teams share one large room, divided only by glass partitions. Paths no longer cross while waiting for the restroom (There are multiple stalls now), but there are frequent pow-wows on the giant grey sofa in the middle of the room… even when there aren’t snacks involved.


Before: Account Managers had to silence office mates to take or make a phone call.
After: Account Managers have their own lair away from the loud-mouthed Design and Digital Marketing Teams.

Before: The Developers were in a dark, back corner office (a.k.a. The Cave) where they would work their web magic.
After: The Developers are in a front corner office with natural light where they work their web magic. (The light doesn’t seem to phase them.)

SK4A5040Before: The Fedex guy was never sure which office to enter or who to ask to sign for packages.
After: Nataly and her central command desk are at the entrance to greet visitors and receive all the Amazon goodies.

Before: We had one small conference room and shared a large conference room with our friends at J.O. Design. The small conference room doubled as a squatters’ office for two nomadic employees.
After: We have two conference rooms, a giant “meeting area” couch, and extra space being renovated. The nomads have found permanent office space where they have planted roots in the form of wall decor and a plant.

SK4A5072Before: We were small enough to wing it and still meet deadlines.
After: We have meetings to remind us of deadlines and other meetings about ways to minimize those meetings.

Before: There were no standing desks or recycle bins.
After: We’re ergonomic and earth-friendly.


Before: We needed new staff to meet the demands.
After: We’ve hired additional staff and still need more. (It’s a good problem to have.)


Before: We all shared leads with our sales director.
After: We’re telling our sales director to slow the mess down.


Before: We had some unwritten policies and procedures.
After: We’re writing things down so everybody’s on the same page.

Before: We had an old red couch.
After: We have a new, giant, U-shaped sofa.


SK4A5067Before: We treated each client like family and worked to develop the relationship for the long-term.
After: We treat each client like family and work to develop the relationship for the long-term.

Before: You could find us on the corner of Broadway and Main.
After: You can find us on the corner of Hemphill and Vickery.

NewofficeBefore: We often kept the office lights off because the fluorescents harshed our mellow.
After: There are no fluorescents, so the lights stay on.

Before: We were growing and didn’t have room.
After: We’re growing into the room we have.

Lots has changed, but not the most important things.