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Your brand should tell a good story and be as diversified in that story’s presentation as a great movie franchise.
Hear me out.


stories spark creativity.

As a whole, the Ardent team shamelessly embraces nerd culture. When nerd culture collides with creative expressions, well, we can hardly contain ourselves. A new Star Wars movie trailer demands work stoppage so everyone can watch and exchange plot theories. A new Marvel movie merits an office field trip as close to the day of the premier as we can get.

Simply put, we’re suckers for a great story. That bodes well for our clients and their brands, because every brand should tell a good story.

Branding is about more than great logo design

although that’s part of it.

Like a great movie franchise, it’s about telling one story across multiple platforms.

Media Platforms

For the Marvel Universe, those platforms range from comic books to cinemas, action figures to video games.


In the history of the franchise, there have been more than 8,000 characters telling the Marvel story.


It’s a story of good versus evil, the challenges of being different, the benefits of teamwork, and how power has a tendency to corrupt those seated on its throne.

Brings a tear to your eye, doesn’t it?

Marvel has told their story for decades, so it’s no wonder that a brand known for “unparalleled storytelling” would eventually become Marvel’s parent company. Disney acquired Marvel without diluting either brand. Now Marvel can tell its story in theme parks, too. I digress.

Does your brand act like a movie franchise, using multiple players and a variety of platforms to tell a consistent story?

The brands mentioned below do a great job of consistent storytelling. Other than using Ardent as part of their marketing strategy, read to see what elements they all have in common.

Brochure Design Agency Helps Find Homes for Kids with Gladney Center for Adoption

Gladney summarizes their brand message with one line: “Every child deserves a loving and caring family.” In this line, they present their mission while simultaneously compelling potential donors and adoptive parents with a happily ever after.


brand collateral.

Brochures and annual reports do more than show pictures of babies and present a collection of numbers. The babies are cute, but what really draws people, what sets their clients’ (the birth moms’) minds at ease, what really inspires donors to participate by writing a check (or the digital equivalent) is the collection of actual stories Gladney tells within their printed materials. The stories about children who have been adopted into loving homes are varied, but the brand message is the same across all platforms: from trailer wraps to fundraiser invitations.


trailer wrap.

By itself, on their trailer wrap, the message presents a beautiful story. However, Gladney expands the story to all of their print collateral.

If the story compels you, feel free to contact Gladney yourself.

Tell them we sent you.

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Fort Worth Design Service Makes Dreams Come True with Ad Campaign: Lone Star Ag Credit

When Lone Star acquired Texas Land Bank, the merger needed a new brand that would establish them as a strong leader in the financial market and the community around them. It started with a new logo and expanded from there.



Lone Star’s bread and butter is financing rural land loans and ag businesses. In other words, they help people achieve their dreams. That’s the story, and their clients are the stars (pun intended).

Lone Star did an entire marketing campaign focused on dreams, too. Against the backdrop of vintage toys, reminding people what they dreamed of becoming as kids, the company presented their ability to handle their dreams. At the base of each ad was the following message: “Supporting Texas-Sized dreams since 1916”.



Messaging like “Financing your piece of Texas” reminds the target audience what’s possible while they look at an image of wide open spaces. Different message, same story.

Makes you want to move to the country, doesn’t it?

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Print Design Company Makes Magic Alongside Williams Trew

Real estate agents are all trying to sell the same story: homeownership. But Williams Trew decided to steer clear of a brand identity typical of most realty companies: high-glamour, high-dollar, and high-exclusivity. Instead, they chose to position themselves as approachable realty “magicians,” capable of turning a homebuyer’s dreams into a tangible reality.



Through the use of airy, luminescent design elements and bright, dream-like photography, the Imagine Life print campaign vividly expressed the idea that hiring a Williams Trew realtor would be akin to having a house-hunting fairy godmother at your side who could help make anything possible.



With taglines like, “You won’t believe what’s possible with realtors like us” and “Where happiness finds a home,” Williams Trew is an enchanting example of what it means to tell a story with your brand.

Wouldn’t you love to have a realtor with a magic touch?

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What story are you telling? How are you telling it? Whether you need a corporate t-shirt designer for tradeshow giveaways, custom poster design, or a business card design company, Ardent’s graphic design team would love to help you tell a Marvelous story.

Now lets write your story.

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