Meet Meghann

Our new Office Admin

Meghann (with two Ns so as to not confuse her with the other Meghan, one N) is likely the first person you’ll come in contact with at Ardent. She greets you at the door or on the phone before pointing you in the direction of where you need to go or connecting you with the person you need to talk to. Meghann has also been tasked with the scheduling for certain less-organized department heads who shall remain nameless. She found Ardent by chance, but knew immediately that working here would be more fun than her insurance job.

Meghann spent most of her growing-up years in nearby Grapevine but is quick to tell you that she was born in Seattle and lived there until she was 10. She says Seattle is “a very important piece of the puzzle that is me.”

We’re still testing the hypothesis, but there’s reason to believe that Seattle’s influence in Meghann’s current life is related to coffee. She has a Pavlovian response to the Starbucks logo. Additionally, if she ever wins the lottery, she plans to upgrade from a grande caramel macchiato to a venti. She even has an Amazon playlist entitled “Cup o’ Joe”. (It could be referencing Joe Cocker, but given her propensity for java, we don’t think that’s the case.)

Second to her love for coffee is her love for sushi. “Because it’s perfect! It’s versatile, delicious, and covers most of the food groups.” However, Meghann’s love for sushi presents a paradox in her life. On the one hand, it partially explains her desire to travel to Japan. On the other hand, it makes one wonder about her childhood desire to become a marine biologist. (Poor little fishies.)

Outside of those two loves, Meghann enjoys spending time with her family, hiking, camping, playing Legos, and playing video games. Some of those things (but not all) involve children. Her love for people and gentle nature make her a great person to make a first impression at Ardent. We’re glad she’s here. Stop by our office to meet her sometime.