Meet Wes

Our new Digital Ad Specialist

Wes Strawn is the most recent addition to the Ardent digital marketing team. He’s here to help clients with SEO and paid search. A career in digital marketing wasn’t always his dream job, though. As a kid he wanted to race cars. As a young adult, he trained to become a pilot. Somewhere along the way he slowed down and decided data revealed something about human behavior and that he could monetize such information as a job. He found the position at Ardent on Indeed.

Although Wes’ career is much slower paced than he once envisioned, his interest in speed remains. When he’s not working, you’ll find him riding his bike, taking an RPM class at the YMCA, or dreaming about taking a lap around the Nurburgring in a 911GT3. Speed is such a value in Wes’ life that his pet peeve is slow sidewalkers. Perhaps if there was a passing lane…

He claims he’s “totally average in every way”, but when asked who Wes would like to star in the movie about his life, he chose Clint Eastwood or Bobcat Goldthwait. We’ve never met those guys, but their reputations don’t exactly scream “average”.

In addition to his need for speed, Wes enjoys pizza and cooking. In fact, he has a hidden talent for tossing pizza dough. On the flip side, he dislikes anything with fish sauce. That’s ironic considering the first thing he would buy with his lottery winnings would be caviar. Something’s fishy there.