By June 13, 2018

meet andrea

Andrea joined the accounts team as a part time Account Coordinator while she finishes her studies at UTA. In reality, she needed a reason to move to Fort Worth and Ardent provided that for her. (It definitely beats Galveston, where she grew up.)

As an Account Coordinator she assists Ardent’s Account Managers with organizational tasks, troubleshooting, editing, and other miscellaneous tasks. (Thus the job title.) She has chosen this particular line of work because she likes to have her nose in other people’s business both literally, as it relates to clients, and figuratively, as it relates to general nosiness.

When Andrea gets stressed, she turns around and sits down. Like a dog. Because she wants to be closer to the floor in case she passes out. Not sure how the turning around fits into that scenario, but we don’t judge.


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Grace Prep
Villa Estrella
Edge Adhesives
Gratitude Initiative
Trinity Healthcare
VM Products
Bison Coolers
MPAK Tactical
Houston Street Toy Co