digital seat media.

Digital Seat came to us with their current logo and wanted to give it a refresh. We simplified the “d” and freshened up the color palette to give it a more modern look. We chose a new typeface as well to match the new look of the “d.”



The three main blues were chosen for the mark. The different shades of blue compliment one another and add depth to the logo. The gray color was chosen for the type and the green was an additional color added to play off of the shades of blue. A secondary color palette was created as well to be used for the custom illustrations throughout the site.



Barlow and Montserrat were chosen to play off one another. Barlow is strong, condensed and makes a statement and Montserrat was chosen as a legible typeface for the brand.


website design

When Digital Seat came to us they asked for a site that had no imagery and just custom illustrations. Our goal for the site was to be interactive, playful and have an app like structure. Icons were used to convey information and animations were used to showcase the services that Digital Seat had to offer.


custom illustration.

We created all of the illustrations in house. We wanted them to be playful and interactive while following the set color palette of the brand. Each page has a custom illustration at the top of the header and certain pages have custom animations show features of the product.


custom iconography.

Icons were created to visually convey information. Each icon matched the color palette of the page and was used to tell the story of the page and to be a pattern for different assets throughout the site.

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