Grace Preparatory Academy is a private, faith-based school in Arlington, Texas. GPA partners with parents to provide a Christ-centered, college preparatory education where students are allowed to further develop their God-given talents and virtues and become college-worthy character witnesses for Christ.



Grace Prep has a long history of success for their students and take pride in that reputation. They came to us with a desire to address their overall branding and reposition it in a professional, cohesive manner that reflected the care, attention to detail and overall level of excellence that they strive for everyday.

Grace Prep had a strong logo mark, but nothing else supported it in their branding. Every aspect of the current branding was reviewed as we began the design process. We decided to build off of the “GP” Oval and use that as a motif for the rest of the branding. To do this we created a new lion for their athletics programs that fits the oval shape and custom logotype based on the GP letters.

After the initial mark was built, we adjusted the brand color palette, established a standard typography family and sub logos to align with this new, modern look and feel. We then established a new slogan, based on their current mission statement, that simplified their message and strengthened their voice to the community.


website design.

The goal with the website redesign was to bring the school into the modern era and raise the overall excellence of the product being presented.

After reviewing analytics and the customers goals, we rebuilt the site from the ground up. This began with a new, reorganized site map to communicate with prospective students and current students separately. We planned a photo and video shoot to bring everything to life and show a “day-in-the-life” of a Grace Prep student.

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event banners

After the rebrand was finished, Grace Prep had two special events coming up that they wanted us to partner with them on: Their annual Open Houses to prospective families, and the G3 Project, a new building campaign to help centralize their campus.

open house

Our first event banners were for the Open Houses. After sitting down with the client to learn what type of families might be interested in their school, our design and social media teams sat down to create a Facebook campaign to broaden their reach to specific demographics in the surrounding area. We coupled this with an online “save the date” that helped them secure reservations, but also remind potential families of the upcoming event.

Once the marketing campaign was rolling, we sat down with the Grace Prep team to discuss how we could brand the evening and help communicate their message to potential parents. Grace Prep already planned on setting up tables for each department of the school for families to visit, so we took that structure and ran with it. In the end, we created a series of banners and welcome signs to help welcome everyone to the Open House and guide the families through the space in a clear and polished manner.

The final touch for the open house was a short video that encapsulated the heart and mission of Grace Prep. We interviewed current Grace Prep parents with children in all different grades and created a video that spoke to their focus on excellence in academics and their desire to come alongside the families and help foster a heart for God in their children’s hearts.

G3 project

Grace Prep came to us with big dreams to provide new classrooms, offices, community spaces and a centrally located gym for their students. All in one building project!

We created event banners, a intro video, a project brochure, online landing page, a prayer guide and various other collateral to help them communicate with the Grace Prep families and other potential donors about the importance of this significant project.

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