website design.

LOLI goes to different Latin American countries and has an evangelistic crusade the Friday and Saturday night they are there. In the days leading up to the event they give out food to the community and have mini worship services at the local churches. LOLI needed a website that would serve as a platform to share information about their crusades. Ardent created a website that spreads the word, asks for donations, and makes it easy for people to sign up to participate by going on a crusade.

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crusade brands.

LOLI has gone on over 40 crusades and Ardent has been part of the branding process for majority of them. Everything LOLI does is funded through donations. The more donations they receive, the bigger the impact they have in a community. Their goal is to bring a community together, so every crusade brand Ardent has created for them focuses on the community and the mark LOLI will make there.


mission photography.

LOLI has made such an impact on Ardent that Brad (Ardent’s President) has been going on crusades with them since 2009. Starting in 2015, we changed things up. We became the media team on those crusades by taking photos, posting on social media, and keeping people updated on the impact LOLI is making each day.

digital marketing

social media management.

Ardent manages LOLI’s social media accounts by creating assets for events and everything the crusade campaign needs, including landing pages, Instagram posts, and Facebook live feeds. The more we help spread the word, the more people get involved. By going on the crusades we have a first-hand look and experience of LOLI’s impact. We take photos and live stream while we are there. On the Honduras Prays crusade, Enlace let us post their live feed to Facebook which was a huge success. It had 240,000 people reached, 44,000 views, and it went global.

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