strategy & branding.

As with any website, a proper brand is needed to create awareness to the viewer. What 2 Do was no different. Early in the design process, we worked with TCU to create a logo which stood out and students could recognize across campus.

TCU Student Services came to Ardent wanting a Student Calendar. The “calendar” is one of the biggest concerns of universities and other large organizations. With too many events, the user cannot find anything.

We loved the idea of a student calendar and developed a Pinterest-style interface where different organizations can upload their event. This strategy allowed each event to go through a smooth, efficient approval process.


responsive website development.

Over the years, users have migrated to browsing their mobile devices. This is most evident on college campuses. Developing a responsive website was key in launching the What 2 Do @ TCU website. No matter what device you view the website from, the site responds appropriately.

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custom development.

A site giving various departments access to upload their own events is a big task. Our team of developers created a seamless submission system for both the user to upload and TCU to approve.

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