Team Synergy is a company specializing in corporate team building. Through their inspiring programs, team members see the often abstract concepts of teamwork and leadership play out in front of their eyes. As people go through a program, their facilitators lead group discussions to help them discover lessons with real-world application.



Team Synergy’s logo focuses on the stability found when a team knows where they are going and trusts those around them to go there. The abstract compass signifies direction, while the strong, vibrant colors of blue and yellow signify members of a team. The negative “S” shape in the middle is the meeting point where synergy lies.


website design.

Pushing the brand even further, the website focuses on successful user interface through a simple sitemap, bold colors, and fun photography to define Team Synergy’s various programs. The content is clear, concise and delineated through color and shape throughout each page. There are clear calls to action throughout the site to increase leads, such as the “Request a Quote” page and “Talk to a Team Member” on every subpage.

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A unique feature of the Team Synergy’s site are the custom icons. Each icon defines one of their 6 major programs: Tied to Teamwork, Personify Leadership, On Site, Step Up & Step Off, Project Synergy, and Team Up. Our design team spent time familiarizing ourselves with the details of the programs, in order to create relatable, meaningful icons.

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