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WilliamsTrew came to us to help take their current marketing into a new direction. They wanted to take their brand personality to a “magician”, meaning they wanted their marketing to give off the feeling of vision, wonder and transformation. WilliamsTrew asked for a campaign that would make an impact in their industry, and we were thrilled to be able to take on this challenge.



We sat down for the day in a conference room and just talked about what home, and the homebuying experience means to us. We told stories of our families, our favorite thing about the house we live in and what our homebuying experience had been like for all of us. After a day of brainstorming, we came up with our direction:

Of all the things that make life magical, perhaps the most important, transformative, and treasured moments are those experienced within the cherished refuge of our homes.

Home is sacred. It’s where we retreat away from life’s chaos to recharge, regroup, and reconnect with those we love. That’s why the homebuying experience is one of the single most important decisions of a person’s life.

For most, it isn’t just about the granite or the patio or the master bath. It’s about the possibilities of how life might unfold within the precious walls not of a house, but of a home.



“Imagine Life” is about possibility. It’s about envisioning yourself in a new home, a new situation, a new chapter. As realtors, WilliamsTrew often serves as adviser to people with so much to consider, so much in their hands and, at times, the world on their shoulders. This is about taking the trust their clients put in them and using it to help them imagine all of life’s possibilities. The home buying experience should be elevated beyond red tape and paperwork. It should be about the magic of new beginnings.


advertising campaign.

When a potential homebuyer walks into a new home, what appears to be an empty stage to most is, to them, a glimpse of what could be. As they wander each and every room of this foreign place, the more they imagine themselves in it, the more it slowly becomes more and more like home.

The best slices of life are found in the little things. They’re found in the magical moments spent together during a Saturday movie night at home. They’re found on Sunday mornings baking with the kids. They’re found during impromptu dance sessions on the kitchen floor. This campaign illustrates the way we envision living those little moments in a new home.



WilliamsTrew wrote their manifesto for the direction they wanted to go in. They asked for a video to be able to showcase this new vision. We art directed the video and worked with the videographer to make this project come to life.

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